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ph Gardens is a partnership established by two experienced landscape gardeners.

Both Hubert and Pawel have worked across Europe and have over 10 years experience between them.

Pawel is a person who enjoys all aspects of gardening and landscape design. 

He worked as a manager for a leading London gardening firm for 3 years which gave him experience and confidence in organizing and planning large and small landscape gardening projects.

Pawel has been trained in installing garden irrigation systems and has had experience installing these systems in large and small gardens.

He has a wealth of experience in landscaping with expert knowledge about landscaping materials and techniques.

Pawel also has many contacts amongst the art world that create bespoke garden sculptures within the UK and Europe. Pawels’s contacts are often commissioned to assist in creating the unique style garden that only ph Gardens can offer. 

Hubert is an energetic, open and creative person with knowledge about garden design, garden art and history. Hubert has always had a passion for plants. Studying Horticulture and landscape design Architecture for five years allowed him to become a keen and professional gardener. Hubert also studied for a Certificate in Computer Aided design (CAD), which allows him to design large and complex landscape projects.

Working outdoors with nature, searching the early morning flower markets or managing administration in the office, could summarize a typical day for Hubert. Plants and everything that involves growing them is his passion and hobby.


ph Gardens

Gardening and landscape gardening covering North and North West London.

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